d10 Table of Design Challenges

  1. Create the minimum viable character sheet.
  2. Make the most dangerous yet survivable 10x10x10 room.
  3. Design a door that both begs to be opened and terrifies the players.
  4. Design a city in the trees.
  5. Design a devious dungeon-sized trap.
  6. Create a cult that your party would want to join.
  7. Invent an Invisible City (like Calvino).
  8. Design a scenario in which you use an actual performance to propel the story forward (added by guest Nate B)
  9. Design an adventure for a mouse.
  10. Design an encumbrance system that even encumbrance haters will want to use (added by listener Wulf Mungus)

Previous Challenges

  • Make the coolest boat.
  • Design an arena boss rush. BBEG after BBEG, each more deadly than the last. (added by listener, Ryan In Korea)
  • Make an interesting shop (added by Peter Dillman).
  • Create a festival (added by Tim Saucer)
  • Invent a love triangle that can be dropped into any town
  • Design an ambush
  • Useless magical items that might actually have uses.
  • Pitch an underwater adventure that sounds workable
  • Create three space anomalies that beg to be investigated