Roll For Topic Con 2021

RftCon is an invite-only gaming convention for members of the Roll for Topic podcast community–a time for GMs to interact and run games for each other. The core experience of the con is a full Saturday of running and playing games, with an optional social event on Friday.

If you’ve been invited and just need to register send in the $50 registration fee to Chris Salzman:

venmo: @chrissalzman @csalzman

After you’ve paid, please fill out this form to let us know when you’ll be there and what you want to do at the con.

Read on for full details.

When and where is RfTCon happening?

RfTCon runs from 8am-11pm on Saturday, August 14, at:

Staybridge Suites
3850 Research Park Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Depending on interest, there is an optional social event on Friday evening (the 13th) in Chris Salzman’s backyard, although the main gaming will take place on Saturday.

What can I do at RfTCon?

You’ll run and play games! RPGs will run throughout the day and evening. In addition, there will be breaks for food, discussion, and side events like short seminars or a book swap. Everything at the con is run by you, the attendees–so let us know what you want to do!

How much does it cost and how do I register?

Registration is $50, which covers our fixed room rental costs, catered lunch and dinner on Saturday, and the optional social activity. 

You’re responsible for all other meals, as well as travel, lodging, or other expenses. Also, please note that you must be fully vaccinated to attend.

Register by sending the $50 fee to:

venmo: @chrissalzman @csalzman

We don’t want that registration fee to be a barrier to anyone who wants to attend. If the registration fee is a burden for you, we may be able to offer some financial assistance. 

Email and let’s talk!

What’s the RfTCon schedule?

While details may change, here’s the schedule as of right now:

  • Friday, August 13
    • 7pm-10pm social event – bonfire at Chris Salzman’s house
  • Saturday, August 14
    • 8am-9am Arrival
    • 9am-12pm game slot
    • 12pm-1pm lunch & keynote
    • 1pm-4pm game slot
    • Break
    • 5pm-6pm 1 hour slot for discussion topics/other activities
    • Dinner & break/other activities
    • 8pm-11pm game slot

Can I run a game at RfTCon?

Yes, and we hope you do! After you register, we’ll provide a way to register to run a game or other event. Due to the small size of the con, we can’t guarantee that everyone will be able to run a game, but we will make every effort to work with you.

I want to do something else at RfTCon, like host a workshop or a group activity.

Great! After you register, we’ll send information about proposing your activity. Email us ( if you’d like to discuss this before you register.

I have special dietary or accessibility needs. Will they be accommodated?

Yes, we’ll do our best! After you register, we’ll provide a way to share your needs. Email us ( if you’d like to discuss this before you register.

Is there an RfTCon code of conduct?

We are committed to making RfTCon a safe and welcoming experience for everyone. We expect all attendees to abide by Gencon’s code of conduct and anti-harassment policy, found here: Questions, concerns, or incident reports should be directed to Andy and/or Chris in person at RfTCon, or via email (,

Is RfTCon turning a profit?

Nope! Any money above and beyond what we need to make the con enjoyable will be donated to Ozone House, a local organization that works with homeless and marginalized youth.

I have a question that isn’t answered here!

Feel free to email us at and we’ll answer your questions!